What is Gris Gris?

Gris Gris is a celebration of the unique flavors of Louisiana, captured in an essential all-purpose seasoning.

What began as one essential seasoning has grown into a thriving brand featuring an ever- expanding repertoire of Louisiana favorites. Explore all the Gris Gris has to offer, and bring some Louisiana flavor to your kitchen!

Under the umbrella of Farmers Seafood, Gris Gris is the perfect accompaniment for the fresh seafood, premium meat, and delicious sides that Farmers is known for. Whether you choose our classic all-purpose blend, or bring adventurous flair with another of our signature blends, you will soon be craving a little Gris Gris magic at every meal!

Try our game-changing seasoning

Our online spice store makes getting Gris Gris easy. You can use our seasoning on:

  • Meat - season your steak and chicken with a sprinkling of Gris Gris
  • Seafood - add a dash of our seasoning to your favorite paella recipe
  • Vegetables - give your green bean side dish the kick it needs

Buy spices online by visiting the website for our sister company, Farmers Seafood, today.